Paris the latest to embrace trees on buildings

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December 10, 2017

Paris the latest to embrace trees on buildings

The push to go green is seeing “vertical forests” becoming increasingly common in building designs.

Already Milan, Sydney, Singapore, Beijing and Belgium are among the cities to embrace the concept of buildings covered in plants and trees, with construction planned or underway for major projects in each of those locales.

The project, named “Forêt Blanche”, is the work of Stefano Boeri Architects and will feature a 54m high tower made almost entirely out of wood, with residential apartments planned for the upper floors, while offices and commercial spaces will make up the lower levels.

There’ll be enviable views over Paris for residents and workers, of course, but it’s the 2000 trees, shrubs and plants lining the building’s exterior that will be its calling card.

The greenery is the equivalent of a hectare of of forest – 10 times the surface area on which the building will sit.

The building’s east and west sides will take in sunlight all day, reportedly providing natural illumination and ventilation to the apartments.

Source: Paris the latest to embrace trees on buildings